• VSM College of engineering works towards excellence in technical education providing quality engineering education with global standard and with a global to develop the institution as trend-setter to mould youth into citizen capable of assuming leadership of the society for the progress of the nation.
    The institute shall strive for the quality in its infrastructure, intellectual resource and its output.
    To ensure the quality of the graduates going out of this college, intellectual re-source and its output.
    1. Providing state of the art laboratory & library facilities.
    2. Encouraging the faculty to improve the qualification and updating their knowledge through participating in FDPS, Seminars, workshops & conferences etc.,
    3. Persuading the faculty to take up the R&D and the consultancy activities.
    4. Retaining good faculty by giving incentive & rewards in recognition of their contribution to improve the performance of the student and for the development of the college.
    5. Encourage healthy competition among the students by giving the rewards to the top ranking students in class.
    6. Attract students with better ranking in the entrance examination to join the institutions by offering merit scholarships.
    7. Proving training in soft skills, aptitude and personality development right from 1 st year onwards.
    8. Arranging special training session by external agencies for acquiring industries related skills in software and hardware areas.
    9. Inviting guest speakers from industry and other higher level institution to address student to widen their horizons.
    10. Encouraging students to participate in co-curricular and extra-curricular activities to remove their inhabitation and to bring out their hidden talents and managerial skills.