Humanities & Sciences Department is a Supporting Department to all Engineering Branches. Here the Students are exposed to Basic Sciences like Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry in addition to English and Environmental Science. Mathematics is a necessary avenue to scientific knowledge which opens new vistas of mental activity. A sound knowledge of Engineering Mathematics is a prerequisite for the modern Engineer to attain new heights in all aspects of engineering practice. There is a symbiotic relation between Physics and Engineering. Broadly speaking, Engineering is mainly applied physics. A proper knowledge of physics is therefore indispensable for an engineer to excel in his / her chosen field. Knowledge of English language has become an object of importance in today’s professional career. Communication skills along with a command over English language play a vital role to enable a student to succeed in his / her student as well as professional life. For creating Environmental awareness among our people, the educational system has a major role to play. Universities being centers for excellence and higher learning, have a special responsibility to transfer pertinent knowledge on various engineering global, regional and local environment problems to young generation, so that they can develop wisdom to work for sustainable development. In today’s globalized world, the importance of leadership qualities is increasing day by the day. The study of Management Science caters to this specific need grooming competent managers. .