SNo. Day Topic Video link Passcode
1 Day-1 HTML Click Day-1 Video ^PIb894!
2 Day-2 CSS Click Day-2 Video 3$lxP?ej
3 Day-3 BootStrap Click Day-3 Video 7&n@.snS
4 Day-4 Java Script Click Day-4 Video-1
Click Day-4 Video-2
5 Day-5 XAMPP Click Day-5 Video *HLpcWE1
6 Day-6 PHP Loops Click Day-6 Video ^fi5=vC4
7 Day-7 PHP Arrays/Funtions Click Day-7 Video V@14@pM0
8 Day-8 PHP Strings/Exceptions Click Day-8 Video t*UXASP8
9 Day-8 PHP OOPS Click Day-8 Video-2 ?8Xyn9#s
10 Day-9 PHP OOPs Click Day-9 Video 5Y70@%D7
11 Day-10 PHP Cookies/Sessions Click Day-10 Video l9#7sFZ+
12 Day-11 PHP Cookies/Sessions Click Day-11 Video 9#ov!4Ca
13 Day-12 SQL Click Day-12 Video S*3h6Z5y
14 Day-13 SQL Click Day-13 Video S#tD5Z.c
15 Day-14 SQL Click Day-14 Video 6j.Q6*7n
16 Day-15 SQL Click Day-15 Video K+20^Jfg


  • Nice college ,good atmosphere,great library Completed my graduation (B.Tech) (EEE)2014-2018 batch.

    Raghu pradeep( EEE )
  • One of the best infrastructured college in AP. Students has a huge platform to reach their goals by well qualified lecturers.

    Pranay( CSE )
  • Very good college with infrastructure , experienced faculty. College library is top among the libraries of Andhra Pradesh. Amenities(Canteen, Internal auditorium, Play ground) for students are awesome.

    Sairam( Google Review )

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  • VSM COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING ,MAIN ROAD, RAMACHANDRAPURAM - Pin:533255, East-Godavari District, Andhra Pradesh,INDIA.
  • 7729972264

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