• The vision of the institution focuses on 3 aspects essentially ;Value based education, Innovation and Social contributions. The institute has established a distinctive approach towards this comprehensive vision by working on the upliftment of the academic quality of the students of this region our priority has been in reaching out to the backward areas of the region and counsels the students for achieving higher education, thus enabling the process of developing the society and the nation at large.
  • The first step towards achieving this goal was to maintain the infrastructure and manage the campus for our stakeholders, the stakeholders were encouraged to participate in lifelong learning through industry and academic interactions. The institution also organizes socially relevant programmers to benefit the neighborhood communities / adopted villages.
  • a) Infrastructural Relevance :- The institution has made great efforts in maintaining the infrastructure from the beginning and has not hesitated in expanding as the need arises. VSM COE is noted for up keeping the infrastructural facilities especially in laboratories for more practical training of students.
  • b) Lifelong learning :- The institution has been giving Quality education to the students which have come in hand for them to show – out their talents in various technical tests. Students are also promoted and given support to do – in house projects.
  • c) Social connect :- The institution situated in rural area has done its part in the development of local communities. The various programmers conducted by the institution has promoted the people in the region towards education and the need for the same. The institution also gives awareness to the inhabitants nearby about the engineering aspects of life and how to lead a better life.
  • The institute has established its distinctive approach also in the following aspects.
  • 1. Counseling the students towards progression .
  • 2. Campus recruitment training.
  • 3. Mandatory internships for III ,IV year students .
  • 4. Free Scholarships, concession by the management.
  • 5. In-house workshops for empowering students on basic technical modules.